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What Are the Advantages of Using a Cutting Plotter ?

Jan. 13, 2023


If you are involved in sign making and don't have a cutting plotter, you are missing out on a lot. This impressive machine has the benefit of printing on a wide range of materials. In addition, the machine runs digitally, minimizing the chance of errors on the job.


In addition, if you have a vinyl cutter plotter, custom signs can be created. This is why every business in the signage niche must have one. Read on to discover more about the importance and benefits of using a cutting plotter in your business.


What is a Vinyl Plotter?

A vinyl cutter plotter often referred to as a plotter, is a computerized cutting device that can be used to create artwork, letters, designs, logos, and crafts. Some of the newer variants of the machine can be connected to computer software for advanced applications.


Previously, such designs were usually cut, stenciled or painted by hand by artists. To use the cutting plotter, you simply enter the basic instructions into the computer and wait for the machine to finish the job.

Cutting Plotter

Cutting Plotter


The benefits of a cutting plotter in your business

Low cost

Vinyl cutting plotters come at different prices. However, the price of a cutting plotter depends on the features and application of the machine. In addition, the size of the machine may be taken into account when determining the price.


You can think of a cutting plotter as your computer, scanner, or printer. This is because the machines work in a very similar way. You have to select the desired image, text, symbol, or sign and send it to the lettering machine. Printed signs are made from adhesive vinyl.


You can then attach the signs to your signs, shirts, glasses, etc. In addition, you can print stickers for your children to brand their books. In addition, some cutting plotters can cut other materials such as leather, plywood, and fabric.


Make custom banners and signs.

Using a vinyl cutter, you can create signs and other printed materials to add to your business banners. In addition, you can create common signs such as 'No Parking' and 'Beware of Dogs' and post them in your home or place of business.


In addition, the machine's applications are not limited to small banners. Large industrial-size cutting plotters are available for larger prints.

 Window Signs

Window Signs

Easy film printing

Recently, car owners have widely adopted the practice of applying film to their car windows. This is mainly used to block heat from entering the car. Instead of cutting the film by hand, you can use a cutting plotter on a plotter to do this.


What's more, the cutting plotter can cut the film easily and faster. You can also use these films on glass windows in your home.


Improved accuracy and efficiency

Gone are the days when people wasted material by making mistakes when engraving signs and stickers. The cutting plotter operation is fully automated with minimal errors.


You can connect the plotter to your PC via a 9-pin serial cable or USB. the machine can be used with SignMaster software. In addition, the machine works with an accuracy of approximately 0.01 mm.

 Window Tint

 Window Tint

Spending very little time

Previously, it took much longer to produce engraved signs and stencils. Cutting plotters process material at speeds of up to 31.5 ips (80 cm/s). However, you can adjust the speed of the cutter according to the material to be cut.



The cutting plotter is a breakthrough for those involved in printed signage. Furthermore, its application extends to other materials such as plastic cups, T-shirts, mugs, glass, etc. In addition, the machine's application extends to cutting other materials such as leather, plywood, paper, fabric, etc.


You do not need to use the machine only for commercial purposes. The machines come in different sizes and are priced accordingly. Overall, you can have customized prints for personal use. Finally, the cutting plotter requires very little maintenance.