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PPF Cutting Machine - Gunner GR8000 Series Vinyl Cutter

High-end car owners are always concerned about the small scratches or nicks their cars may get on the road, which is why the demand for Paint Protection Film (PPF), which protects against scratches and nicks, has grown dramatically in recent years.

Gunner GR8000 Series Vinyl Cutter can be used to cut:

Paint protection film


Window film

High strength reflective

Etching and sandblasting resist stencils

Each Vinyl Cutter includes a standard media roll holder, floor stand and dual media collection baskets for dust-free, continuous long length and/or repetitive work operations.

Paint Protection Film/PPF

Paint protection film/PPF coverage is probably the biggest difference discussed between the methods, but not the only one. As far as the technology and tools available to the PPF industry, the method of hand-cutting PPF on vehicles was more out of necessity than preference. When the concept of paint protection film came about, pre-cut kits were not available in the vast array that they are today. The idea and method of hand-cutting PPF on vehicles is more or less a direct copy of the window tinting industry, where hand-cutting is very common.

The biggest challenge, however, is that cutting in and around glass is completely different from cutting on paint. You have to admit that humans can't cut straight lines the way machines can. Over time, many installers (especially new installers without decades of experience) have given up on 100% hand cutting and are turning their attention to other methods such as pre-cutting/machine cutting and custom cutting. He can spend less time cutting and more time on the installation process.

The Gunner GR8000 Series Vinyl Cutter  cuts paint protection film more efficiently and at a lower cost than manual cutting. The Gunner GR8000 Series Vinyl Cutter performs quality cutting in those thin, thick, rigid materials like Paint Protection Film/ PPF, Window Tint, High-Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, Magnets, Sandblast Rubber Stencil, and standard vinyl stickers. 

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