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Choosing the Best Cutting Plotter

Jun. 15, 2022


Plotter technology is advancing at an amazing rate and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. If you are moving from hand cutting to plotters, it is important to do some research and determine the best options available on the market today. If you want your shop to be as efficient and effective as possible, then it's important to choose the right plotter. Fortunately, Gunner offers a wide range of options, allowing you to make the best choice for your specific needs. 

How does the plotter system work?

Using a plotter, you can cut patterns for automotive window film, PPF, vinyl, and more. This fast, accurate process allows you to handle more customers per day and maximize profitability. Gunner vinyl cutters are capable of cutting PPF up to 59 Mil thick and are available with 3M, LLUMAR pattern software.

A plotter is really a combination of two elements: the plotter machine itself and the plotter software. To use these two elements effectively, you will need.


Plotting software


Window film, PPF, or vinyl

Vehicle for mounting the pattern

Applications of Gunner GR8000 Series Vinyl Cutter

The process is actually quite simple.

Login to your plotter software

Select the make, model, and year of the vehicle you are using

Select the windows or areas you need to install

Customize your pattern, if necessary

Load the desired film, PPF, or vinyl into the plotter

Turn on the plotter and test the blade

Start cutting your pattern

Install the film as usual

Choose the best plotter

Although the process of using a plotter is simple, you can simplify the process by choosing the right plotter. Some plotters are simpler to use and more suitable for novices. Others are designed for those who are already used to using a plotter. In addition, you can choose a plotter that matches your budget, which can help you make a confident investment in your business without breaking the bank. So what are the best plotters for 2022?

Vinyl Plotter

 Vinyl Plotter

Gunner GR8000 Series Vinyl Cutter

As Gunner's elaborate creation, the GR8000 series vinyl cutter fully embodies superior stability, high precision, high cutting/plotting speed, extra-long distance linear tracking capability, large cutting power, ultra-simple operation, and just a few examples of high-performance lettering machines.

GR8000 vinyl cutter ensures high returns for customers in the automotive aftermarket, wide-format signage, thermal transfer apparel, custom decals and stickers, road and traffic reflective signage, etc.

The GR8000 series vinyl cutter makes high-quality cuts on thin, thick, rigid materials such as paint protection film/PPF, window tint, high-intensity prismatic reflective sheeting, magnets, and sandblasted rubber stencils, and plain Zene-based decals.

PPF for internal and external

PPF for internal and external 

Stable and accurate tracking at 7m/23ft 

Ahead of most competitors, the GR8000 series is capable of long and stable tracking at 7m/23ft, an important feature for advanced machining, and ideal for large signage and pattern making.

8-step cutting force

Using Gunner software, users can set different colors for different cutting paths and set the machining sequence as a color sequence. This is an important feature for cutting multi-layer media, where different layers require different cutting forces.

Grating Ruler

Grating Ruler 

Inevitably, the material surface is not flat, so the grating ruler is used to measure the distance from the blade tip to the material surface, and the controller adjusts the cutting depth every 0.01mm. The blade then travels up and down as the material surface moves, maintaining the same depth of cut at any point along the tool path across the table. In short, the grating ruler is critical to the exact depth of cut.

To order these plotters, all you have to do is visit, where we not only offer a wide range of plotters but also sell a variety of vinyl cutters and flatbed digital cutters. This one-stop store gives you everything you need to upgrade your store with efficient, reliable plotters. Contact Gunner today to learn more about the best plotters for 2022.

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