CNC Router Vinyl Cutter

Our vinyl cutters can turn your CNC machine into a cutting plotter for thin materials such as film, foil, paper, cardboard and adhesives.

If you want to create decals in different colors from a single color stock. Simply cut each stock color individually and stack the decals together to create a multi-color design.

Vinyl cutters are computer-controlled machines used to cut vinyl sheets. If you're not familiar, vinyl stands for polyvinyl chloride, a self-adhesive plastic that is the third most widely produced plastic polymer.  

Vinyl comes in two forms - rigid and flexible. Vinyl cutters are used to cut flexible varieties that have a wide range of uses among hobbyists and small businesses. These include making signs, decals, banners, advertising, fabric designs and home décor. Rigid vinyl is commonly used in the fabrication of pipes and windows and doors.  

Most vinyl cutters look similar to printers and are roughly the same size. Some come with stands so you can use them to cut at different heights.  

Vinyl cutters are controlled by computer software, and there are a variety of software options available, depending on the compatibility of your machine. Use this software to design and then send instructions to the cutter to cut into the desired shape. 

As the vinyl moves underneath it, the cutting knife moves left and right and rotates according to the software instructions. The material is then "weeded", i.e., excess vinyl is removed. 

CNC Router Vinyl Cutter

Gunner people have been dedicating themselves to digital cutters, related controllers for the past 20 years.

Well understanding of the industry, requirements of users and perspective to future contribute to the development of our product.

Convenient operation, reliable performance and happy clients, these make us proud. With proprietary intellectual property rights, our controller is leading the same trade in main-land China, and it is convenient for customization.

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