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Gunner G-Mark Automatic Sheet Feeding & Cutting System

Gunner G-Mark series of after printing cutter is engineered for industries like sign,  printing, DTF/ heat transfer  (clothing) . With G-Mark, production of custom stickers, labels is increased, and unattended processing has come true. Quality cutting of roll medias for heat trasfer, custom signs is applicable.

Auto feeder and cutting plotter form a complete set, while cutting plotter is able to work independently, improvement in utilization of your investment supports diverse business. Beside of proofing, the system is also applied for automated production of small batches.

1, It is able to send automatically pre-printed sheets sized A4, A3 and A3+  

    to cutter continuously.

2, Automatic blowing device solves  the problem of static electricity and   

    deformation with materials laminated.

3, Double CCD camera scans registeration marks faster, the troubleshooting 

    of difficulties to read registerations marks on reflective medias. 

4, Templated software for easier operation, QR code retrieving and  

    workpiece counting are available.

5, Auto feeding unit is compatible with world-class brand name of cutting 

    plotters, with which your costs is cut.

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Double CCD Camera

Double CCD Camera

Two CCD cameras are able to scan registeration marks faster.


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