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Why Purchasing A Flatbed Plotter?

Aug. 25, 2022


A flatbed plotter is a device that uses a pen to draw graphics and pictures rather than the print head, nozzles, and cartridges used in a typical printer. The plotter is mainly used for producing architectural and engineering drawings and has a flat vacuum bed or table and a mobile arm to hold the pen. In addition to the pen cartridge and spare pens, the main pen is included. The flatbed plotter uses vector graphics for plotting and can be up to 50 feet (15.24 m) wide. A special winding mechanism feeds the paper into the machine, while another winding mechanism rolls up the paper after it has been pulled on.


The movement is controlled by a mechanical arm, or several of them to accommodate more complex drawings. The paper can be held in place with clips but is usually fixed to the surface by the electrostatic charge generated by the system. On large plotter machines, a vacuum system is used and the paper is opened after it has been placed on top of the machine. The crossbar sits on top of the table, the pen moves along the length of the table and the crossbar moves along the length of the flat plotter, allowing for X and Y axis movement.

Digital Print And Cut

 Digital Print And Cut

The flatbed pen plotter is not designed to print text but can be combined with an inkjet head if text or annotation is required on the printout. It is also possible to modify the machine to be a flatbed cutter by attaching a cabling and milling tool to the arm. Materials ranging from cardboard to metal can be cut using this configuration.


You may be wondering how to determine if you should really consider buying a flatbed plotter. These machines are an effective solution to the five basic needs of graphic, packaging, and printing companies.


If you recognize that you have these types of needs, you should probably carefully consider purchasing a flatbed plotter.

 Vinyl Plotter

  Vinyl Plotter


1) Eliminate start-up cost issues

With a flatbed plotter, you will be able to produce the quantities required by your customers without limitations and minimum production quantities. You will no longer be forced to produce large quantities to reduce start-up costs.


2) Outsource less work

By outsourcing less, you will be able to speed up the production process and better control quality and costs. From an organizational perspective, in-house production is less risky, and with everything under control, you can better manage time and workflow.

Vinyl Plotter

 Vinyl Plotter


3) Rapid Prototyping

This is essential to help you get projects approved by your clients, as you will be able to quickly see what the finished project will look like and can show the final version to the client immediately.


4) Create original projects independently

Without a plotter, you would normally have to rely on external suppliers and adapt pre-made cutting molds: in essence, you would find yourself performing work that others have already done. With a flatbed plotter, on the other hand, you will always be able to design and produce original projects on your own.


5) Just in time - better response to customer deadlines

With a flatbed plotter, you will be able to respond better to the timescales required by your clients. With this type of machine, you make it possible for yourself to pre-deliver in a much shorter time, without having to manufacture entire batches in one production process.


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